Have a break, have a bicycle ride

By 4 March 2021 No Comments

Twise decided to encourage and reward responsible attitudes by adopting the sustainable mobility modes decree.

This package allows the employer to participate to the salarie’s communting fees as long as they are green or alternative.

75% of  French employees commute alon in their cars every morning, and the traffic is here to testify how they all take the same road.

Individualism, departure time, personal obligations or sanitary measures might prevent the deployment of car pooling.

The weather, transport of material, long-distance, damaged cycle tracks or even your level of riding, could also daunt you.

This requires to be organized and willing to get out of comfort zone 🙂

Of course, no one is asking you to sell your car or to ride a bicycle forever.

But what if tomorrow I decide to take another path, to break the habbit and to look at things from a different perspective? Who knows, there might be some hidden treasures nearby.

Riding a bicycle or car pooling twice a week divide our CO2 emissions by two and give some days off to our beloved threes.

Apart from the environmental aspect, car polling also presents a social advantage, which is, in covid time, not ot be neglected!

Looking forward to seeing you on the road 🙂