CI Plus 2.0 Adoption Gains Support in Multiple Collaborative Projects

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Bristol, UK, 27 April 2021 – Eurofins Digital Testing, global experts in broadcast standards and conformance testing, has worked alongside host stack supplier OBS, CAM solution specialists, Twise and Smit, to develop the new module test tool designed to test USB CAM devices for conformance against CI Plus 2.0 standards. This development completes the comprehensive certification solution to support the launch of CI Plus 2.0 services.

Eurofins is the exclusive test partner for version 2.0 of the standard, appointed by CI Plus LLP. The launch of the Module Test Tool follows the release of Eurofins CI Plus 2.0 Host Test Tool in 2020.

Interest in CI Plus 2.0 for operators has started to grow with activity increasing worldwide as the benefits of the standard are measured. A framework plan was proposed in late 2020 by Deutsche TV-Platform in Germany, which has indicated that a move to CI Plus 2.0 would bring advantages to consumers as well as the wider market.

Alongside working with Eurofins to develop the CI Plus MTT, Twise has developed a software turnkey USB CAM solution.

The building blocks proposed by Twise from its CAM SDK, CI Plus 2.0 device up to the Conditional Access and Operators applications allow manufacturers to deploy USB CAM with the shortest time to market. The USB CAM being global, Twise can support local manufacturers to embrace this new technology without the hassle of setting-up a new product line.” Twise is delighted to cooperate with Eurofins to foster the USB CAM technology into the market” said Xavier Teil, Twise’s co-founder.

Eurofins continued its close working relationship with Ocean Blue Software Ltd (OBS) during the development of the MTT, with the CI Plus 2.0 host stack used based on OBS’s newly launched solution. This host stack is built on OBS’ popular CI Plus 1.4 solution and is already widely deployed. It is available for immediate licencing from OBS and its high compliance to the standard accelerates the deployment of CI+ for both TV and STB manufacturers.

Further input came from world-leading CAM provider, SMIT participated in the validation of the CI Plus 2.0 Module Test Tool.

The CI Plus 2.0 CAM brings lightweight hardware, and more modern, more flexible, more widely use, less error-prone, no additional or only little hardware effort for TV, which offers more motivations for operators to develop their own applications on smart TVs.

“SMIT chipset platform is ready and will complete the CI Plus 2.0 certification soon, we will continue to contribute to the development of CI Plus technologies as before.” Said Bingyu Xiang, General Manager of CAM products, SMIT Holdings Limited.

Further support came from SmarDTV Technology, one of the key collaborative contributors of CI Plus 2.0 ecosystem which delivered the Host Test Tool (HTT) in 2020, and actively contributes to the growth of DVB CI Plus Standard with millions of devices already deployed across the globe.

“CI Plus 2.0. enabling USB based devices is a logical continuity for us in 2021. At the end of last year, we passed a first phase with a product demonstration with a trusted customer Satellite Live Content. Our TV-Stick, as a Direct-to-TV experience, is now concrete and ready to deploy.” Said Erik Gazzoni, Direct-to-TV Product Line Director at SmarDTV Technology and current Chairman of CI Plus LLP. “This new step confirms the ecosystem is really on the way for a wider and massive adoption.”

Eurofins continues to offer a suite of conformance test tools for the CI Plus 2.0 standard, as well as testing services. Module testing can be accessed now through Eurofins dedicated CI Plus engineering team, with the LLP opening device registration from 1st May 2021.

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