Happy Home Office Birthday

We almost forgot about them…

Little office moments, knowing glance at your colleague, the noise of the coffee machine singing in the middle of a conversation, the smell of a home-made meal at lunch break, nervous laugh or other sigh.

We almost forgot about them…

Late arrivals with some loud and very quick footsteps running down the hallway, morning surveys regarding the options of restaurant, activities proposals, from yoga to climbing and running, including unplanned afterwork.

Yes, we did forget about them since March 2020.

Every morning we got to our beloved window, to this hidden workspace in the living room corner,  with sometimes a weird outfit. Calls became visio, profiles full of pixels, flat colleagues with backlighting and robotised voices.

We have lived and worked one year at home and that is not the best anniversary to celebrate.

Remember that it is necessary to put yourself in movement, to go toward something and to have a meeting even if it is just with your task list.

Remember that you need to let the day go down on the way home, and that you have to create real breaks between private and professional lives.

Indeed, they are kind of twisted now, especially when a family member goes through a visio, when the cat is meowing or reversely when you invite your roomates to watch Netflix with headphones.

At Twise, in order to fight the missing feeling or oblivion, we offered a special Easter egg to our team! 😊

Many thanks to Damour et de Gâteaux for her precious and sweet creations.

What if you had a bite of CAM for a change?