Can you say Twise?

By 22 September 2021 No Comments

After three years  it is safe to say that our company name encounters some issues.
It seems you have problems when it comes to pronoucing it.
We are not just wise, we are Twise.
We do not Twist and shout all night!
Unfortunately, we do not Tweeze. We are not Twisted even outside of work.

It is rather easy, let me help you with a short lecture and spelling exercise!
Please repeat after me Twice or Thrice :
Twise, Twise, Twise!
First, Start with a T, a tea or a tee, it depends on your preference.
Then you ask yourself “Why?” like “Why am I doing this?”
Finally, you make a Z noise like a buzzing bee, “ZzzzZ

Be wise, and pronounce properly Twise!