The CI+ 2.0 USB CAM is here, what are you waiting for?

By 13 February 2024 No Comments

DigiCert and CI Plus LLP have announced that more than one billion CI Plus certificates have been issued.

What an impressive outcome for the CI Plus technology, mainly for the European market. Being in this industry since day one, we have witnessed the success of CI Plus in the Broadcast Pay TV industry over the last 15 years. This technology embeds any security CAS and works on any TV model, ensuring its presence in the coming years.

It is extending its capacity on a global level with the CI Plus 2.0, based on a more modern form factor: the USB.

The USB CAM is being tested throughout the World.

Sports tournaments and cultural happenings can influence the demand for pay-TV services. With major events coming this year, the CI Plus USB CAM presents itself as a comprehensive solution which caters to the immediate needs of operators to protect their content and enter the market in no time.

Let us remind you of its advantages :

  • USB CAM solutions are smaller and easier to insert than PCMCIA cards, invisible when plugged in.
  • Its entire production process -from conception to delivery- is short, great to adapt to market requirements and to existing TV resources such as tuning, menus, and audio/video rendering. No additional setup for customers.
  • No need to worry about the current geopolitical turmoils, CAMs can be produced anywhere in the World, closer to end-users.
  • It is compact, cost-effective but it still offers premium content to customers.
  • CI Plus CAM integrates the latest technologies such as advanced encryption standards, improved user interfaces or upgraded resolution.
  • Aligns with the need for a greener TV!

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