Restoring Biodiversity in Aubagne, France

By 14 November 2019 No Comments

Thank you Trésor de Nature for creating this beautiful project, and for inviting us to help and save the planet, at our level.

But who are these super heroes, surgeon of the Earth?

There are bombs and there are seed-bombs. We, at Twise, are really keen on the second one of course, to restore a part of our hometown, destroyed by several fires in the past few years.

Once launched, the seeds will wait for the rain to dig its way down, the roots will serach for humidity to grow and last on those fields. This a safe way to guarantee the survival of the plants.

So Twise threw away bombs, and threw away some hope in the neighborhood along with a classroom because it is never too early to learn how to save the planet and with companies from Les Paluds, Napollon, and Pôle Alpha.

Thank you Trésor de Nature for this great adventure.