Tomorrow, we are all digital!

By 25 November 2019 No Comments

Flashback on our participation to the forum Tomorrow ? all innovative, all digital, all eco-responsible ! organized by the PACI on November 21st  !

Twise was invited on a round-table debate about “All Digital” to discuss about our digital in-house experience such the evolution of tools and working habits (such as teleworking) but also about that each analog switch-off around the globe could bring market opportunities or technical issues. On both sides, a company has to follow the trends, adapt to them while avoiding to fall in the trap that “digitization is the only answer”.

This was an interesting debate about different topics :  how to build your digital identity using the proper network? especially the social ones! what are the pros and cons of the second-screen becoming a second-hand? the personal and professional risks of the immediacy?

Many thanks to PACI and see you next year!